Atmospheric Monitoring and Ventilation Management

A good atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management program will make your mine safer and more profitable.

Atmospheric Monitoring and Ventilation ManagementCorrect ventilation in underground mines is not optional – it is absolutely essential. As mines are extended and open faces are worked, toxic or volatile gasses that are trapped underground can be released by digging, drilling and blasting operations, leading to potentially unhealthy and unsafe working conditions for mine personnel.

Blasting underground also stirs up huge amounts of dust. This can cause long production delays, as miners cannot re-enter the area of the mine where blasting has taken place until the dust has settled or has been exhausted from the mine. When mining for coal, the presence of highly flammable coal dust also presents a hazard.

To keep productivity levels high and protect the health and safety of workers, it is essential for all modern mines to be fitted with a comprehensive atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management system.

These systems measure air quality and monitor the levels of oxygen, toxic and flammable gasses, coal dust, general dust and other contaminants. Based on this assessment, the atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management system will actively manage the ventilation systems within the mine, stepping up ventilation in the areas requiring it and scaling back on safe or uninhabited areas.  If configured to do so, the system will also send warnings and raise the alarm with the relevant responsible personnel, so decisions can be made and action taken.

On top of the huge contribution they make to mine safety, atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management systems can also significantly reduce mine running costs. Rising electricity costs worldwide have placed the profitability of many mines under pressure. Electrical power accounts for approximately 35-50% of a typical mine’s running costs, and a big portion of this electricity is used to power ventilation systems.

It stands to reason then that proactively managing ventilation systems to provide the correct amounts of ventilation to each area of the mine, rather than simply running all systems at capacity all the time, can lead to huge electricity cost savings.

We supply and install a range of atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management equipment from leading manufacturers Newtrax and Conspec.

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