Technology Portfolio Posted by RAMJACK March 3rd, 2019

RAMJACK is an experienced provider of some of the most technologically advanced mining products currently available to the mining industry.


We specialize in real-time monitoring of equipment, production, sensors and safety with a focus on providing affordable advanced technology that is decentralized (no cables for power or connectivity), easy to use (our implementation programs put you in charge) and that are purpose-built (all our products are designed to solve a specific mining problem).   Our partners and products have been meticulously selected to achieve this end.

Implementing real-time monitoring technology at your operation need not be costly or difficult.  The collection of technologies at your disposal through RAMJACK can help resolve many of the production, safety and monitoring challenges that you face, easily and affordably.  If you’re interested in exploring the benefits that real-time monitoring could provide your operation, please contact RAMJACK via the contact details on this site.


Newtrax integrates the latest Internet-of-Things and Analytics technologies to monitor and provide insights on underground operations, including people, machines and the environment. Newtrax develops wireless devices for people, machines and sensors that can connect to any network available in the mine including leaky feeder, Wi-Fi and LTE. The positioning of mobile terminals on underground mine maps is achieved by leveraging any tracking information provided by the networks, plus any dedicated EPC RFID tracking system.

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Mine Design Technologies

Based in Kingston, Canada, Mine Design Technologies (MDT) is an instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications. Their patented SMART products were created by engineers for engineers and designed to survive the rigours of geotechnical and mining environments while maintaining a low cost and ease of installation.

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Conspec Controls

An internationally recognized gas detection, environmental management and ventilation on demand (VOD) system developer, Conspec Controls is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of gas detection instruments and control systems. Offering a comprehensive selection of products since 1968, Conspec Controls’ options range from stand-alone, independent devices to fully integrated installations.

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uGPS Rapid Mapper™

The uGPS Rapid Mapper™ is a revolutionary laser-based mobile tunnel mapping tool developed for underground mining applications. Easily map your mine while operating mining vehicles – uGPS Rapid Mapper™ provides rapid 3D point cloud data acquisition purpose-built for underground mines and is specifically designed for easily inputting data into mine planning applications.

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Shaping the future of ground engaging equipment monitoring and automation, MineWare’s independent monitoring systems improve operator performance, mine compliance, production, maintenance and safety.

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Loadsensing by Worldsensing is a long-range data acquisition system specifically for remote sensor networks and is one of the many groundbreaking technologies we offer to our customers at RAMJACK, through our partnership with MDT. Adaptable to some of the most widely used sensors in the mining industry, this technology delivers easy and convenient remote readings so the monitoring of your instruments and remote sensor networks can be done in real-time, from anywhere.

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The costs of lighting these areas can also be prohibitive. x-Glo LED strip lighting helps to solve these challenges by providing an innovative lighting solution that is efficient, durable, cost effective, and easy to deploy.

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SmartCap fatigue management systems

SmartCap fatigue management systems help fleet managers and direct supervisors better manage the performance and safety of their personnel by providing the tools for real-time driver fatigue monitoring. SmartCap systems also give operators the tools to proactively self-manage fatigue, leading to a greater sense of control, empowerment, and overall job satisfaction.

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Inkonova is a startup that develops drone solutions. Based in Stockholm, it started selling mid-2015 utilizing the tilt-rotor systems for racing drones, creating one of the world’s fastest drones and beating a Lamborghini, before switching focus to becomes the world’s first developer of drone solutions for underground mines.

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METStech was founded in 2014 by a group of highly experienced engineers and managers. The company designs and manufactures specialised BDA systems with extremely low latency for communication equipment. The solutions extend LTE and two-way radio networks in tunnels over many kilometers.

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Having partnered with the most advanced real-time mining technology producers in the industry, RAMJACK is uniquely positioned to solve the most critical mining challenges – both on surface and underground. We specialize in system integration of real-time monitoring tech, backed by industry-leading production and safety applications. By utilizing the strength of each technology, RAMJACK is able to design, integrate, deploy and support the real-time monitoring requirements of any mining operation.


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