Technology Portfolio

RAMJACK is an experienced provider of some of the most technologically advanced mining products currently available to the mining industry.


We specialize in real-time monitoring of equipment, production, sensors and safety with a focus on providing affordable advanced technology that is decentralized (no cables for power or connectivity), easy to use (our implementation programs put you in charge) and that are purpose-built (all our products are designed to solve a specific mining problem).   Our partners and products have been meticulously selected to achieve this end.

Implementing real-time monitoring technology at your operation need not be costly or difficult.  The collection of technologies at your disposal through RAMJACK can help resolve many of the production, safety and monitoring challenges that you face, easily and affordably.  If you’re interested in exploring the benefits that real-time monitoring could provide your operation, please contact RAMJACK via the contact details on this site.




Shaping the future of ground engaging equipment monitoring and automation, MineWare’s independent monitoring systems improve operator performance, mine compliance, production, maintenance and safety.

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At Ramjack Technology Solutions, our technology portfolio benefits clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.