LoadsensingLoadsensing by Worldsensing is a long-range data acquisition system specifically for remote sensor networks and is one of the many groundbreaking technologies we offer to our customers at RAMJACK, through our partnership with MDT. Adaptable to some of the most widely used sensors in the mining industry, this technology delivers easy and convenient remote readings so the monitoring of your instruments and remote sensor networks can be done in real-time, from anywhere.

To operate, your sensors are plugged into Loadsensing’s datalogger. Then, once the small gateway is installed, data can be sent, stored, and received from virtually any location. From there, sampling rates and radio coverage can be configured easily and remotely. Additionally, real-time data from the sensors can be made available via the Internet for viewing.

Loadsensing technology boasts many advantages for a range of mining applications.  Is your operation interested in monitoring the piezometers in your well field or managing the integrity of your tailings dam? Maybe you need to keep track of surface subsidence in and around your mining activity with remote extensometers?  This technology’s long range allows it to be deployed anywhere, especially in areas without signal coverage, and it can broadcast communications up to 15 Km. Its quick configuration, low power requirements, robust and reliable operation, alarm system, and user-friendly web software make it a top choice for surface mining operations throughout the world.

Discover what RAMJACK can do for your operations with premier Loadsensing technology by reaching out to us today. Or, find out more about this innovative technology by visiting the Worldsensing website.

At Ramjack Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Loadsensing to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.