MISOM (FARA) Posted by RAMJACK January 29th, 2018


MISOM Technologies is a mine operation and integrated information technology product design firm that produces groundbreaking solutions for mines throughout the world. MISOM’s pinnacle product, Field Analysis and Reporting Application (FARA), revolutionizes the way mines run their operations, and at RAMJACK, it is one of the many technologies that we are proud to offer our customers in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Production & Safety Management

Designed specifically for construction sites, mines, and quarries, FARA by MISOM is a cost-effective, user-friendly configurable fleet and personnel management system equipped with a range of beneficial features. These features allow for seamless data collection and reporting; tracking of machines, people and material; creating media enriched digital forms for more effective workflows; using adaptive web visualization and dashboarding; and benefiting from a suite of IoT advantages unavailable from legacy fleet management systems.

In addition to its vast array of mine operations features, FARA by MISOM stands out from other fleet management systems through its affordability, configurability and intuitive ease-of-use.  Simply put, it is the most affordable, feature rich, and innovative fleet and personnel management system in the industry today.

Fleet management systems have been popular in the mining industry for over 30 years.  Large surface mining operations have come to expect their benefits as normal.  Now, with technology being pervasive throughout mining, there exists a new opportunity to leverage modern mobile computing and the Internet of Things to deliver small to medium sized mines the chance to benefit – as larger mines have for years – through a low-cost, easy-to-use option, FARA by MISOM.


Cycle Tracking – Configure the system to track productive cycles for any process including options such as material type.

Touchless – GPS or Beacon-based triggers avoid much of the need for operator input.

Time Usage – Track operator’s and machine’s time throughout the shift.

Event Tracking – Easily log statuses, such as delays, activities, downs, region entrance & exits, etc.

Exception Alerts – Trigger events such as the need to input a down or delay when immobile

Grade Control – Tightly managing ore blends by accurate location tracking.

Signature Capture – Include the need for signatures and initials on all regulatory forms or visitor sign-ins.

Synchronizing – Link drop-down lists and forms to tables in a database for always up-to-date forms.

Workflows – Automate form workflows to ensure audits and investigations have follow-through promptly and thoroughly.

No more clerks – Eliminate the need to re-enter data from paper to multiple data systems by having form data dumped directly into reports & analytics.

3rd Party Data – Synchronize with integrated 3rd party data such as work orders from a CMMS or machine health alarms to process events.

Camera, Audio dictation  – Use the features of all tablets such as camera, GPS, dictation, etc.


Regions – User-friendly field-based region management.

Location Tracking  – Continuously track location, region entries, ore boundaries.

Proximity Monitoring – BLE-based proximity monitoring between machine-mounted tablets and wearable beacons.


    Mil-spec Hardware Case – Tablet cases that have military specifications ensuring long hardware life.

    Low-Cost  – A Fraction of the cost of current-gen technology.

    LTE, Wi-Fi, Blu – All the wireless communications available in standard tablets.

    Removable – Easily installed, and detachable ideal for completing pre-shift inspections or use in contractor machines.

    Open – Common MS SQL server open-schema reporting database.

    Browser-Based Setup – User a browser to set-up the system access reports, etc.

    Cloud – Can be optionally hosted in the cloud, on a private server, or hosted by MISOM.

    At Ramjack Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Misom Technologies to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.