SmartCap Fatigue Management Systems

SmartCap Fatigue Management Systems eliminate fatigue-related incidents from your operation.

SmartCap Fatigue Management Systems

Fatigue is a very real problem among truck drivers and heavy machine operators who work for mining companies, transport companies, or in other similar heavy industries. A fatigued driver is a dangerous one, making monitoring operator fatigue a critical component of any health and safety program.

SmartCap fatigue management systems help fleet managers and direct supervisors better manage the performance and safety of their personnel by providing the tools for real-time driver fatigue monitoring. SmartCap systems also give operators the tools to proactively self-manage fatigue, leading to a greater sense of control, empowerment, and overall job satisfaction.

What is SmartCap?

At the heart of all SmartCap fatigue management systems is the Lifeband. This is a high-quality wearable device fitted with five hi-tech, sophisticated sensors that can read the electrical brain activity (EEG) of the wearer. This information gives an accurate assessment of the overall state of wakefulness of the driver/operator. The Lifeband is removable and can be fitted to any type of headgear, e.g. a cap, a beanie, or a hard hat, or it can simply be worn on its own as a headband.

SmartCap Fatigue Management Systems

The second element of the SmartCap system is an in-cab display unit that collects data wirelessly (via Bluetooth) from the sensor and displays it to the operator. By proactively providing feedback to the driver about their own fatigue levels, the SmartCap system lets operators manage their own fatigue based on readings displayed to them via their in-cab display.

Finally, the system provides operations with the data required to implement company-wide fatigue management programs. Real-time information about fatigue levels of equipment operators and workers can be remotely monitored using wireless and/or cellular data networks. By collecting and collating the data available through the system, safety managers and operations managers can quantify the impact of fatigue on both productivity and safety performance.

Why should you use SmartCap?

The SmartCap fatigue management system is the only proactive fatigue management technology purpose built for the harsh environments of mining, construction and transportation.  It provides an easy to use, non-intrusive (no need for privacy-robbing cameras in the operator cab), accurate way to measure and manage driver fatigue.  And it does it all in advance – giving operators an 8 to 10 minute advanced warning of the occurrence of a microsleep.

SmartCap Fatigue Management Systems

Where can SmartCap be used?

SmartCap fatigue management systems can be used in many environments, including:

  • Mining (surface and underground)
  • Trucking and transportation
  • Heavy industry
  • Any other setting where trucks, busses, loaders, excavators, cranes and many other types of vehicles and equipment are used

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