SmartCap Posted by RAMJACK January 29th, 2018

Life by SmartCap was developed to overcome the limitations of other fatigue monitoring technologies.




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Respected and trusted technology that is used by safety leaders across the globe.

We developed Life by SmartCap to overcome the limitations of fatigue monitoring technologies. Available technologies were not predictive and reliant on lag indicators to generate alarms once a person had fallen asleep. There were also problems with the size of the machine, versatility and the number of false alarms.

Our wearable technology was developed using EEG (electroencephalography), the gold standard in sleep science. EEG has been used for more than 70 years and is unaffected by glare, humidity, head turns, eye disease or behaviour. Unlike many technologies, our products are predictive and they do not require post processing or live monitoring of data to provide real time operator alerts.


Life is the world’s most effective fatigue monitoring solution that provides real-time feedback, helping drivers manage their alertness, anywhere, anytime.

While there are plenty of good technologies that react to a person showing signs of fatigue, Life proactively
monitors the initial stages by alerting a person BEFORE symptoms of fatigue progress, enabling them to better manage their fatigue.

The best person to manage your fatigue is you. Life empowers every person with early-warning alerts. By providing fatigue monitoring without the need for in-cab cameras, Life ensures ongoing compliance with the strictest of workplace privacy requirements.

Life allows individual monitoring and reporting to help every employee understand their unique alertness profile. Regular mrecording helps reinforce personal responsibility and allows progress tracking to support wellness initiatives.

Life gathers the broadest spectrum of fatigue data providing everything from company-wide holistic trends
to individual profiling. Our cloud-hosted analytics give you actual insight and decision support to any fatigue risk management system.

At Ramjack Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Smart Cap Fatigue Management Systems to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.