x-Glo LED Strip Lighting provides a superior, cost effective lighting solution for underground mines.


Good lighting in mining, industrial, warehousing, logistics, commercial, and other similar environments is not just something that is nice to have – it is essential. Poorly lit areas can easily become a safety hazard and contribute to equipment loss and damage. However, providing adequate lighting in working areas of underground mines and other similar environments can be a real logistical challenge. The costs of lighting these areas can also be prohibitive. x-Glo LED strip lighting helps to solve these challenges by providing an innovative lighting solution that is efficient, durable, cost effective, and easy to deploy.

Some of the benefits x-Glo LED strip lighting offers are:

  • Energy Efficiency. Because x-Glo lighting products use LED lights instead of more conventional high-consumption lighting solutions like incandescent globes or neon tubes, they can produce equal or greater levels of lighting while using a lot less electricity.
  • Cost Savings. Because they use significantly less electricity than more traditional types of lighting, using x-Glo LED strip lighting results in running cost savings that are immediate and ongoing.
  • Durability. X-Glo LED Strip Lighting products are made to last and experience minimal reduction in luminescence over time when compared to more conventional lighting solutions.
  • Easy, Fast Installation. x-Glo LED strip lighting is ultra-flexible (bending diameter of 30mm) and comes with a range of heavy-duty, waterproof (IP67) snap on connectors that are fast and simple to install, with no gluing required.


Proven in underground mines, manufacturing facilities and factories across the globe, the quality of lighting has a direct correlation to both safety performance and productivity.  Lights purpose built for harsh environments have previously been difficult to find and costly. Our x-Glo LED strip lighting products – from our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 factory – are designed and manufactured with top-quality components to deliver unparalleled lighting, longevity and cost savings for mining, commercial and industrial applications.

A well-lit operation is a safe operation, and a safe operation is a productive operation.  Using x-Glo LED lighting in mines, industrial facilities, and factories makes them safer, more productive and more cost-effective to run.

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At Ramjack Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from X-Glo LED Strip Lighting Solutions to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.