Using FARA by MISOM Allows You to Track Your Mine Fleet and Personnel Using Standard Tablets and Smartphones

One of the bottlenecks that often restricts effective mine fleet management and mine personnel management is that so much performance reporting is done manually – and far too late in the process for anything effective to be done.

Drivers and machine operators, their supervisors, and maintenance people must often report production and safety status and information, as well as information related to vehicle/equipment status and health via printed forms or spreadsheets, printed and bound logbooks, etc. that are then handed in for processing and captured onto the mine system by a clerk.

This can easily lead to inaccurate data due to human error, on the part of the operator/driver or the clerk, and delays, e.g. at month’s end when documents suddenly start flowing in and pile up on the clerk’s desk, causing a backlog.

Some mines have attempted to deal with these issues by installing custom in-cab computers; however, these devices are expensive, fixed and sometimes difficult to operate and maintain.

A better solution is to make use of standard, freely available smartphones and tablets, loaded with software that is custom-designed for fleet and personnel management in a mining or similar environment.

FARA (Field Analysis and Reporting Application) by MISOM is:

  • A stand-alone product available for off-the-shelf tablets or smart phones;
  • A native app, meaning it can operate even when disconnected from the web;
  • Able to easily use all the movement, geolocation and other sensors already built into these devices;
  • Available as a cloud version, removing the need for expensive server infrastructure;
  • Capable of being installed and configured to be hosted within an existing network on a standard Windows or Linux server;
  • Ideal for use by small and medium-sized mines, quarries, construction operations, etc.

Contact us now to find out more about how FARA can make mine fleet management and mine personnel management in your mine faster, easier and more effective.